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3 Answers to Common Motorcycle Accident Questions

As personal injury lawyers serving Reading, PA, and the surrounding areas, we have seen a wide variety of different traumatic accidents. From motorcycles and automobiles to medical malpractice, our legal team has all of the expertise needed for your personal injury claim. Today, we’re going to go through and answer some common questions about motorcycle accidents, break down some of the most frequent misconceptions, and prove to you that Kozloff Stoudt has your back throughout the entire case.

Does what I wear when riding a motorcycle matter?

What you choose to wear (outside of a helmet, which we will detail later) can impact your case. Wearing proper protective clothing such as a jacket, pants, and boots will significantly reduce physical harm in the event of an accident. Legally, being able to prove that you wore the proper protective clothing can help show that you are a safe, cautious, and responsible rider. While this may seem unnecessary, it has the potential to help your legal case and heal your physical and financial wounds from the tragedy.

What about helmets?

Helmets, unlike regular protective gear, are a much more specific legal issue for motorcyclists. Laws involving wearing helmets vary from state to state, so ensuring you are abiding by your state’s regulations is essential to creating a valid personal injury claim. In Pennsylvania, specifically, helmets are only not required if the following criteria are met:

  • The rider is above the age of 21
  • The rider has two or more years of riding experience OR
  • The rider has successfully finished a safety-centric course approved by either PennDOT or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Even if you meet these requirements and therefore are exempt from the law, we still highly recommend wearing a helmet at all times while riding a motorcycle. A helmet can prevent severe brain trauma and even save your life, so it is best to be safe and always wear one when on a bike.

What does a personal injury legal claim do for me in the event of an accident?

Insurance companies are not your friend in troubling times, such as those following tragic motorcycle accidents in Reading, PA, or the surrounding areas. Sadly, many insurance providers care more for their profit margins and putting the brunt of cost on you rather than taking care of you as their insured customer. Our team of lawyers works to help get the money you need for damages done. We negotiate directly with insurance companies to help you get the results you deserve.

Kozloff Stoudt is here to help every step of the way. If you require legal assistance for personal injuries of any type, please contact us now!

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