Business Law

Business Attorneys in Southeastern, PA

For more than 50 years, the corporate law attorneys at Kozloff Stoudt in Berks County, PA and the greater Philadelphia area have had the opportunity to meet the legal representation needs of Pennsylvania businesses. Whether advising corporations on their legal rights and responsibilities or helping entrepreneurs get a new businesses started, the attorneys at Kozloff Stoudt provide the advice necessary to navigate any corporate law situation. The business lawyers at Kozloff Stoudt have decades of experience as practicing attorneys, empowering their clients through the zealous representation they deserve.

Business Sale & Purchase Attorney

Whether you are an entrepreneur or have a partner with a bold new idea, it is important to discuss the legal issues that arise, or might arise in the course of any new business venture with an experienced employment lawyer in Reading, PA. At Kozloff Stoudt, we have attorneys who place their focus on helping those who are looking to start a new business or expand an existing business.

It is crucial for business owners to protect themselves and their organizations from the myriad of real or prospective legal issues that may occur. The corporate law experts at Kozloff Stoudt have the business law knowledge and experience necessary to guide startup businesses. We have a team of business law experts with knowledge in managing tax issues, shareholder and member agreements, employment agreements, investor relations, succession planning, and much more.

As proven with our past performance and extensive client base, Kozloff Stoudt consistently produces results that prove our firm’s ability to successfully manage all of your startup legal issues.

Small Business Attorneys

The Business Law Practice Group at Kozloff Stoudt, located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, has a long history practicing business and corporate law and helping new business owners understand the many responsibilities and challenges that come along with running a business. At Kozloff Stoudt, our small business lawyers specialize in many services, including forming, selling or merging all types of business entities, including corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs) and revising, reviewing and negotiating contracts in Reading, PA, Berks County and Southeastern, PA.

Kozloff Stoudt attorneys will help you avoid potential risks that may arise and protect your business from the start. Kozloff Stoudt’s Business Law Group will consult with you regarding your small business issues and legal concerns, no matter how large or small.

Commercial Litigation Attorneys

With extensive experience in the vast area of commercial litigation, the trial lawyers at Kozloff Stoudt will zealously and effectively represent startups and small and medium sized businesses when disputes arise with vendors, contractors, other businesses or professionals. Whether in mediation or arbitration venues, or state and federal courts, the litigation team at Kozloff Stoudt is experienced, knows its way around, and manages such disputes ably to successful outcomes.

Experienced in representing all forms of businesses, the attorneys at Kozloff Stoudt can represent you when a partnership dispute occurs, a corporate governance issue arises, a contract is breached or professional malpractice occurs. The litigators at Kozloff Stoudt have handled real estate litigation, business fraud, franchise litigation, or many other business disputes. The attorneys at Kozloff Stoudt will always strive for the best practical results for business owners. To schedule an appointment with a Kozloff Stoudt business attorney or school board lawyer in Wyomissing, contact us for a free consultation.