Banking Law

Representing Lenders and Borrowers

Kozloff Stoudt has a long and distinguished history of service to the local banking industry, having represented nearly every commercial lender in Berks County over the years. As macroeconomic cycles progress, the needs of those lenders have constantly evolved – underwriting and risk mitigation standards change; financial covenants and associated documentation become more sophisticated; the need to ensure the security of pledged collateral has never been greater. 

Through it all, we’ve noticed that certain things remain constant. Banks require well drafted documentation to protect their interests, and they need it quickly and at a price that is attractive to their borrowers in a competitive lending environment.

This is the essence of our value proposition. Our transactional attorneys have deep experience representing real estate and asset based lenders, and draw upon that experience to provide our lending clients with modern, sophisticated loan documentation, which manages risk effectively, while moving the process from commitment letter to closing efficiently and productively. Moreover, Kozloff Stoudt has a broad spectrum of relevant expertise outside of its banking group, with professionals experienced in land use regulation, condominium law, creditors’ rights, corporate finance and municipal law. These intellectual resources can and are called upon, when required by a given lending transaction, to ensure that our clients receive comprehensive representation.

Our skills and efficiency in this practice have been recognized by our clients, who have increasingly chosen to retain our counsel for regional and out-of-state transactions. We are also regularly called upon by money-center banks to provide local counsel in multi-state and multi-national loan transactions, as well as by “conduit lenders” requiring “enforceability” and related opinions required by Wall Street. Finally, our lawyers have acted as “bond counsel” or lender counsel in a multitude of tax-exempt finance transactions, and are able to guide our clients through the municipal lending process with the same sophistication and efficiency that has become our commercial hallmark.

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