Bicycle Accidents

An unfortunate fact in many bicycle accidents is that the victim is a young child, who has been seriously injured, or even tragically killed as the result of careless driving by a vehicle operator.

In Pennsylvania, the law protects children under the age of fourteen from being held to the same standard of care as an adult, and therefore, less likely to be held accountable for their injuries. Parents should never hesitate to seek legal representation where a child is injured in a bicycle accident. When you need a bicycle accident lawyer, you should know that the lawyers of Kozloff Stoudt regularly counsel families of seriously injured children, as well as adults injured in bicycle accidents.

Similar to motorcycle accidents, car and truck drivers frequently look directly at a bicycle rider and claim to have never seen them. An experienced bicycle accident attorney at Kozloff Stoudt can help to develop a case which will result in a substantial settlement in an appropriate case. Remember, we do not receive a fee unless we recover money for you, and you will not be required to advance the costs of your case.