Case Results

Case No. 21001-001

$1,343,000 Settlement

A local business was subject to a taking by the Commonwealth of PA for a roadway expansion. PennDot originally offered the property owner less than $500,000.00. The property owner worked with Kozloff Stoudt and initially the compensation was then increased to $698,000.00. Unsatisfied with the compensation at that time, Kozloff Stoudt Attorneys then filed a Petition for Appointment of Board of View which rendered an award of $1,343,000.00. PennDot appealed the Board of View Decision and ultimately the case settled for the full amount of the award in the amount of $1,343,000.00, nearly three (3) times the original offer from PennDot.

Case No. 210287-003

$1,100,000 Settlement

S.B. was operating a work vehicle on State Route 183 in Schuylkill County, PA. His vehicle was violently struck by another vehicle and tragically, S.B. was killed. We obtained a maximum recovery on the (3) available insurance policies from both the defendant driver, as well as the employer, in the amount of $1,100,00.00. In addition, we made a significant recovery for S.B.’s family on the workers’ compensation claim.

Case No. 208793

$560,000 Settlement

Mr. and Mrs. M. were riding their motorcycle less than one mile from their home when they were struck and killed by a vehicle which failed to observe their motorcycle. Tragically, both husband and wife were killed instantly. We obtained a maximum recovery of all available insurance dollars from both the driver as well as the operator of the motorcycle of $560,000.

Case No. 207989

$1,500,000 Settlement

Our 61-year-old client was operating her motor vehicle when she was rear ended by a tractor trailer that failed to slow down for a construction zone.  Her death was instantaneous.  Our investigation revealed that the tractor trailer driver was operating in violation of national standards and our office worked with the local District Attorney’s Office to ensure that criminal charges were filed.  We obtained a recovery for our client’s widow of $1.5M plus a Workers’ Compensation recovery.  Our experience with tractor trailer accidents and our cooperation with the prosecutor’s office ultimately led to a criminal conviction and sentencing of the defendant driver to prison.

Case No. 210287

$1,100,000 Settlement

Mr. B. was killed in a motor vehicle collision on State Route 183 in Schuylkill County. He was struck head on by a vehicle trapping him alive and conscious in his vehicle.  Unfortunately, the vehicle caught fire and Mr. B died of thermal trauma related to the fire which engulfed his vehicle.  The proceeds of all available insurance were recovered for Mr. B.’s long-time girlfriend and family of $1.1M.

Case No. 207337

$3,000,000 Settlement

Mr. L, a 31 year old plumber and pipe-fitter suffered a crush injury to his left hand in the vertical bi-parting doors of a freight elevator that was in a defective condition. The broken bones in the hand healed uneventfully but the victim developed Reflect Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome that rendered him unable to use his left hand.

Case No. 205519

$2,500,000 Settlement

Our 36 year old client’s hand and arm were pulled into a defective product’s spinning mechanism while she was at work. Our investigation revealed that the machine was defective because of a too large gap between the spinners and the housing and because the direction of the spinners pulled the hand into the mechanism rather than expelling it away. Our client suffered a crush injury rendering her left hand useless. She also developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy in the left upper extremity and is totally disabled from working. We obtained for our client a settlement of $2,500,000.00 plus a major reduction of the Worker’s Compensation lien against her settlement.

Case No. 205749

$1,500,000 Arbitration Award

Mr. M. suffered a serious injury to his rotator cuff that required multiple surgeries. His job as a computer network technician required extensive work with his hands above shoulder height and the injury made it impossible for him to continue in his position. He recovered money from the individual who caused the motor vehicle collision but could not agree with his own insurance company as to the value of his claims. The matter proceeded to underinsured motorist’s arbitration and, following the hearing, Mr. M. was awarded $1,500,000.00 for his pain and suffering and future lost wages.

Case No. 13559

$1,500,000 Settlement

Our client, a thirty-six year old married factory worker on his way to work, was struck by an express delivery truck whose driver fell asleep at the wheel. Death was instantaneous. His estate received a settlement of $1,500,000 in the wrongful death claim against the trucking company and its driver.

Case No. 207105

$1,350,000 Recovery

Mrs. M., a local executive, suffered severe foot and ankle injuries when another driver fell asleep and crossed over into her lane of travel, causing a head on collision. Her injuries required surgery and she was left with limitation of motion, scarring and a permanently swollen heal that required the purchase of special shoes. Her job entailed considerable walking on uneven surfaces but she suffered no lost income. We obtained from an expert an opinion that her future work life expectancy was shortened by her injury and that she will need special shoes for the remainder of her life. We obtained the limits of the striking driver’s insurance and obtained in settlement from her own insurance company an additional $1,250,000.00 bringing her total recovery to $1,350,000.00.

Case number 11811

$1,350,000 Recovery

Mrs. G, a 48 year old artist, and married mother of two adult sons, was stopped for a red light when her car was struck from behind by a dump truck. There was evidence of conscious pain and suffering, and she died at the scene. A wrongful death claim was filed in federal court and case was settled during trial for $1,000,000.

Case No. 204678

$1,000,000 Settlement

Our client, Mr. S., a 32 year-old equipment operator, struck by a garbage truck at an intersection , was pinned in his car, and suffered arm and leg fractures, requiring him to be placed in an induced coma as well as multiple surgeries. He made a remarkable recovery and was back to work in six months. He received a settlement of $1,000,000.

Case No. 108984

$850,000 Settlement

Our client, a 54 year-old businessman, was driving to work when his car was struck by an oncoming car which crossed into his lane. He suffered multiple fractures and serious internal injuries, and was disabled for seven months. We recovered a total of $850,000 in liability insurance and underinsured motorist benefits.

Case No. 200768

$800,000 Settlement

Mr. K, age 62 and retired, fatally injured in a truck accident. He was stopped in a line of traffic on an interstate highway, when his car was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer. After we filed suit, his estate recovered $800,000 in wrongful death damages.

Case No. 11709

$400,000 Settlement

Our clients’ married son died as the result of a surgical mishap in New York, , and his estate received a substantial settlement in a medical malpractice claim. The widow attempted to withhold the parents’ share of the recovery, and we filed suit and recovered $400,000 for the parents.

Case No. 203085

$215,000 Settlement

Mr. W, retired and 61 years old, was struck from the rear at a traffic light. He had a history of back problems, which were severely aggravated by the accident . We obtained for him a total settlement of $215,000 in liability and underinsured motorist coverage.

Case No. 203215

$225,000 Settlement

Our client, a 43 year-old woman, was struck from the rear by another car while she was stopped with her left turn signal activated. She suffered multiple hip, leg and ankle injuries and internal injuries. Kozloff Stoudt obtained a settlement of $500,000 for her.

Case No. 200398

$941,000 Settlement

A gas explosion and fire caused extensive damage to our client’s office building. Investigation revealed that an underground gas main failed because a telephone conduit had been installed directly above and too close to the gas main, causing it to crack. Kozloff Stoudt’s client received a settlement of $941,000.

Case No. 200123

$225,000 Settlement

Kozloff Stoudt’s client, Ms. B., became intoxicated at a brew pub. Shortly after leaving the pub she was killed when her car collided with a pole. On behalf of her estate, we filed a liquor liability lawsuit against the pub, and received a settlement of $225,000.

Case No. 205262

$300,000 Settlement

Mr. B, a retired truck driver was injured while driving to a medical appointment by another vehicle which ran a stop sign. He had multiple facial fractures, brain injuries and neck injuries. Kozloff Stoudt obtained a combined settlement of $300,000, including liability and underinsured motorist benefits.

Case No. 204539

$435,500 Settlement

Kozloff Stoudt represented Miss H., an unemployed mother of two, who was a passenger in a car which was hit by another car which ran a red light. She suffered multiple fractures of the pelvis, and internal injuries. She recovered a total of $435,500 from the other car’s insurance company and her family’s underinsured motorist insurance.

Case No. 203010

$600,000 Settlement

Our clients’ home and possessions were destroyed in a fire. Their insurance agent had procured for them a policy with a nationally known insurance carrier in amounts that were vastly insufficient to compensate them for all their losses. Worse, the insurance carrier’s adjuster repeatedly failed to pay the limits of coverage that were available despite knowing that she had not finished her inventory of all the losses. We brought suit against the agent for procuring insufficient coverage and against the carrier for bad faith in its adjustment of our clients’ losses. We settled the case at a Final Pre-Trial Conference for $600,000.00 which was sufficient to cover all of our clients’ losses, pay their attorneys’ fees and extract from the carrier punitive damages for its bad faith conduct.

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