Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Southeastern, PA

If you require the legal services of a skilled motorcycle accident attorney in Reading, throughout Berks County or within southeastern Pennsylvania, then contact the law firm of Kozloff Stoudt for a free and confidential consultation. Our attorneys are aware and sensitive to the fact that the outcome of motorcycle accidents can be extremely devastating. Without the added protections of seat belts and airbags, accidents involving motorcycles cause serious bodily injuries, including broken bones, head and brain trauma, internal injuries, and in the worst scenario, accidental death. We’re the injury lawyers in Philadelphia that you can trust.

Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcyclists are becoming increasingly common around Reading, Pennsylvania and the surrounding Reading and Berks County areas. Rural roads and scenic byways throughout Berks County, Pennsylvania are a natural attraction for motorcyclists, and the increasing number of motorcycle clubs and group rides adds to the volume of motorcycle traffic on the road. When you or someone you know is involved in a motorcycle accident, you will need a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer from Kozloff Stoudt who can get you results

Here at Kozloff Stoudt, we know that dealing with insurance companies after being involved in a motorcycle accident can be both difficult and overwhelming. With the help of an experienced motorcycle accident, or even a truck accident attorney in Reading from Kozloff Stoudt, you can be sure that we have the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with insurance companies who try and settle claims with motor cycle accident victims too quickly and for lower amounts than are deserved. Do not let an insurance company trick you out of receiving the full amount of money you may need to cover any medical bills, lost wages or additional expenses. With the help of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney from the law firm of Kozloff Stoudt, we can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and demand more money to fully compensate you for your accident.

Throughout our over 70 years of experience, we know that motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to inattentive drivers of other vehicles on the roadways. Automobile and truck drivers too often claim they failed to see an oncoming motorcycle, even when it was clearly in their field of vision. Our motorcycle accident attorneys work with these cases on a regular basis to help the victims of motorcycle accidents receive the money they deserve and need to put their lives back together.

If you are looking for an experienced motorcycle and auto accident lawyer in Berks County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, contact Kozloff Stoudt at 610.370.6700.