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After A Four Day Jury Trial, Attorney Jeff Elliott Secured A Verdict In Favor Of His Client

After a four day jury trial, Attorney Jeff Elliott secured a verdict in favor of his client and against the pharmacy which fired her for having cancer, asserting Pennsylvania Human Relations Act civil rights violations. The jury took approximately  three hours to deliberate and render its verdict.  Plaintiff recovered all of her economic losses associated with her illegal termination, as well as monies for non-economic losses associated with the embarrassment and humiliation related to Plaintiff’s mistreatment in the workplace.  As part of the recovery, and consistent with the “fee shifting” nature of the statutes the jury found the Defendant  violated,  attorneys fees and costs of litigation will be petitioned for before the trial court.  Plaintiff was terminated by her employer after it was learned that she had a serious health condition, i.e. cancer.  The law suit was filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County PA and not in federal court due to the size of the employer; employers with less than  15 employees can not be sued for violating federal civil rights statutes but pursuant to state civil rights laws such as the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.


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