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What to Do If a Dog Attacks You or a Loved One

Although most people think of dogs as harmless pets, there is always a risk of danger, and one of the most frequent causes of minor and severe personal injury are dog bites and attacks. Of course, most domestic dogs are harmless, friendly, and ideal animal companions for adults and children alike. However, try as owners might to train their pets properly, natural instinct, fear, hunger, aggression, and incorrect training can lead to domestic and public dangers. 

When you or your loved one is bitten by a dog, the immediate danger of the encounter can cause high levels of panic and distress, pain and suffering, and financial difficulties resulting from unforeseen medical costs and loss of income. In this post, we will explain PA dog bite laws and offer some advice on what you should do after the attack. If you are feeling overwhelmed and baffled by a recent dog attack, call Kozloff & Stoudt today. Our personal injury lawyers and attorneys serving Philadelphia provide legal advice and representation to victims of dog bites and their families. 

Pennsylvania Dog Laws

In most dog bite cases, the offending dog has never bitten or attacked another person before, so there are two remedies for first-time canine offenders and their owners, depending on the severity of the injury. Under the PA “Dog Law,” severe injuries are defined as a physical injury that ends in broken bones or extreme disfigurement that requires multiple sutures and/or corrective surgery. If a dog bite victim experiences severe injuries, the owner of the attacking dog may be liable to pay for all medical expenses, legal damages, and losses.

For non-severe injuries, the victim can only make a claim against the dog’s owner for medical expenses due to the dog attack injuries. In either event, the dog owner may be responsible for medical expenses. If you need legal help for a dog bite, the Kozloff Stoudt lawyers can explain the laws in more detail and work hard to achieve appropriate justice and compensation for your troubles. 

What Should You Do?

In the event of a dog bite or attack, you should first ensure the safety of those involved, including yourself and your loved ones. Afterward, we recommend taking the following actions to ensure that your lawyers have enough background knowledge and evidence for your case: 


  • Call an Ambulance, Visit the ER or Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment
    Regardless of severity, injuries are best served by a trusted medical professional.


  • Call the Police
    If you are an innocent dog bite victim, law enforcement is on your side. Bring in the police to investigate the encounter and glean the truth from conflicting stories.


  • Take Plenty of Pictures & Notes
    Images, especially those with time-stamps, are great evidence. Safely and lawfully take photos of the injury, the dog, the property, or anything else that may prove useful or important. Also, write down the time of the attack, if a fence or enclosure is present on the property, etc.


  • Speak to Witnesses of the Attack
    More evidence equals a stronger case.


  • Get the Dog Owners Contact Information

The final recommendation we can make is to call us at Kozloff & Stoudt for a free consultation. Whether you’re looking for lawyers for a dog bite or attorneys for wrongful termination in Pennsylvania, call Kozloff & Stoudt today!

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