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Real Estate Attorneys Serving Southeastern, PA

The real estate attorneys of Philadelphia know that purchasing a home is one of the largest and most important investments a person will make in their lifetime. However, it is not always as easy as signing on the dotted line; it can be a very complex process that involves statutory and regulatory requirements and guidelines throughout the buying procedure. In any property transaction, the buyer and seller will have to generate and review many legal documents that require signatures, and there is a strong possibility that you may not fully understand what you are reading or agreeing to. At Kozloff Stoudt, our real estate attorneys have the experience and knowledge of the law, and the geography in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania to assist any client who is in the process of purchasing or selling a property in an effort to avoid or mitigate disputes and make the acquisition or selling experience as efficient a process as possible for the circumstances.

Real Estate Settlement Lawyer

The attorneys at Kozloff Stoudt how often how home or commercial buyers feel apprehensive throughout the process due to lack of understanding, and many times because of their lack of knowledge and personal experience; however you need not worry with our experienced real estate attorneys who have the hands on experience and legal knowledge in the field of property law to manage successful business deals, and prevent disagreements. There are many different aspects that can be discussed such as property lines, use of the land or “land use,” easements, and home improvement issues. Although negotiations can be made and are effective, in some cases certain settlements are difficult to come to a conclusion to. With the help of Kozloff Stoudt’s dedicated attorneys, they can if necessary, resolve this real estate dispute in court.

The Law of Adverse Possession

By Pennsylvania law, if someone has been occupying the land for an extended period of time (in this case 20 years) without any other asserted legal ownership of the property you may have the right by law to obtain a deed, making you the owner of the property. The real estate attorneys of Pennsylvania have helped clients gain sole ownership of land that have been in this situation or condition.

Buying and Selling Real Estate

Not all real estate transactions proceed smoothly; with so much complicated and complex legal documentation, and appropriate  concerns as to conditions of the property it can lead to many buying and selling processes going wrong. There are plenty of things that can go wrong throughout real estate transactions such as financing falling through, or nondisclosure of problems found in the home. When finalizing the sale, the buyer and seller can terminate the deal prior to closing if any contingencies are not fulfilled. This may include any damages or financial harm discovered  during home inspection, which can ultimately result in unaccounted for expenses for the buyer. By having legal representations during any real estate transaction it will provide security and advice for any hiccups along the way.

Disputes On Rental Properties

Rental properties can cause various issues amongst the landlord and tenant(s), however most occasions can hopefully be resolved before any legal action is necessary. The real property and estate attorneys of Philadelphia at our Kozloff Stoudt law firm have been known to mediate rental property situations that eliminate time and money litigation. Although, our goal is to resolve any rental property circumstances before the need to go to trial on both residential and commercial properties.

Be sure to get in touch with our experienced real estate attorneys who can help you resolve or mediate any real estate issues. For more information or to schedule an appointment, you can reach an estate planning lawyer in Reading, PA by phone or e-mail.