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How to Avoid Bike Accidents in the Summer Months 

Over half of all motorcycle and bicycle fatalities occur in the summer months as many people downsize from four wheels to two and make the most of the warmer weather. Collisions with cars cause a large number of these fatalities. As experienced injury attorneys in PA, we have compiled some advice for motorists and pedestrians to help prevent any accidents involving bikes or vehicles of all kinds.

Car Drivers: Use Your Eyes and Keep a Safe Distance

Drivers need to be alert and free from distractions at all times when on the road. Expect to see bicycles and motorcycles when driving over the summer months. Check your blindspots regularly and keep a safe distance from bikes on the road.

Try and leave between three and four feet between a bicycle and your vehicle while passing. Remember, tailgating can result in serious accidents.

Pedestrians: Stay Alert and Drink Responsibly

When crossing roads or walking in the dark, try and keep your ears free of headphones so that you can hear any traffic that is nearby. At nighttime, wear bright or reflective clothing so that motorists and cyclists can spot you.

If you’ve been out drinking, keep well away from both roads and highways. Stumbling out in front of a vehicle can prove fatal to yourself and others. Drink responsibly at all times, but be extra cautious if you feel inebriated.

Cyclists: Wear Safety Gear and Think Like a Vehicle Driver

Make sure that you signal appropriately before turning. Always wear a helmet and colorful or reflective gear if riding in darkness. Remember: Most fatalities involving bicycles occur between 6 p.m and 9 p.m.

Motorcyclists: Slow Down and be Predictable

As tempting as it may be to speed up these powerful machines, by racing around on a motorcycle, you are increasing your risk of an accident significantly. Drive defensively and try not to weave or cut in and out of traffic. The more predictable your movements are to a car, the safer and more enjoyable your ride will be.

Kozloff Stoudt wants to keep the roads, and all the people who use them, safe this summer. But if you have been involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault, call the leading injury attorneys in Philadelphia at 610-370-6700 or click here now.

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