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Common Causes for Summer Slip and Fall Injuries

An estimated 20 to 30 percent of people who experience a slip and fall could suffer moderate or severe injuries such as head injuries or hip fractures. This is a sobering statistic, and as experienced injury lawyers in Philadephia, it’s our duty to represent people who have been injured following a slip or fall accident and seek to pursue compensation for those injuries.

Although slips and falls are more frequent due to icy conditions in the winter time, there are still thousands of accidents that could be prevented over the summer months. Below are some common causes of slip and fall injuries during the summer season.

Summer Footwear

Warm weather means flip flops and sandals season for a lot of people. Although stylish and much more refreshing for the feet than boots or shoes, these types of footwear often have less grip, which can increase the chances of a slip and fall accident. Additionally, summer footwear provides less coverage for our feet, which also increases the chance of injury. 

Swimming Pool Areas

Swimming pool areas are hazardous in the summertime, as water can often collect and make the ground slippery. The risk of slipping increases if you are wearing sandals or other summer footwear with little grip to help your feet stay grounded. Therefore, it’s probably safer to walk barefoot around the pool area. However, we recommend being cautious at all times if your pool area is slippery underfoot when wet.

Poor Outdoor Lighting

In summer, most of us spend a lot of time outdoors in our yard areas with friends and family. As the sun goes down, we can trip over kids’ toys, outdoor furniture or even divots in the lawn. To avoid these types of accidents, we recommend installing and utilizing ample outdoor lighting so that all potential hazards are visible when you are outside in the summer. Take special care with patio areas, and raised beds or paving stones in your gardens, and try to make sure that your yard area is well lit in the evenings.

Unfamiliar Terrains

Summer is the season to spend time exploring the great outdoors. Camping trips, beach days, and neighborhood barbeques are all fantastic ways to enjoy the warmer weather. However, all these activities come with unique terrains and a host of hazards that won’t be found at home. It’s important to look where you’re going all the time and wear appropriate footwear to avoid slipping and causing yourself an injury.

If you do suffer a slip and fall accident and find yourself with an injury and mounting medical bills, call Kozloff Stoudt and our injury attorneys in PA, at 610-370-6700 or click here today.

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